The Agent's Story

Everyone has a story… this is ours.

It began with Erin Nolan, who’s athletic journey took her to amazing sporting achievement and passion.

But when injury, performance limits and recovery hurdles arose, coupled with no “off switch” and life imbalance, it seemed the end of that journey was near.

Instead, this was the trigger that has led to optimal performance, athletically and in overall wellbeing.

Introducing mushrooms, powerful adaptogenic plant extracts, brought Erin improvements that translated through the power meter and heart rate monitor, reduced fatigue and boosted concentration and memory.

The results were immediate, injury improvement and recovery were rapid, inflammation reduced and benefits came with a range of other positive ‘side effects’ to Erin’s immune system, brain function, sleep patterns and gut health.

With a tried and tested supplementation regime, the challenge came in sourcing ingredients that were genuine, organic and pure that didn't contain any unnecessary fillers or additives or have side effects.

Agents of Nature Was Born

Agents of Nature was founded to create a range of natural products which are both bioavailable and highly effective. The perfect match between time honoured wisdom of the past with the visionary values of the future enhanced by the benefit of science and research.

Lovingly created as a daily ritual of ease and purpose, subtly integrated into busy lifestyles that delivers positive mind and body functions without interference with existing regimes.

  • Easy to use and effective
  • Natural
  • Ethically sourced
  • As local and organic as possible

What sets Agents of Nature apart is the alignment and integration of body, mind and spirit by utilizing a combination of Ayurvedic principles with powerful adaptogenic plant extracts to increase the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and our environment. 

A proud Australian company, the production of the premium range is local where quality is kept to the highest standard and free of impurities for all to enjoy whether you're vegan, vegetarian or a lover of all foods.

Combined with a clean healthy diet, quality sleep, regular exercise and low stress, Agents of Nature will partner with your body's natural processes to dial in your optimal state to have you rise higher on your thrones as the Kings and Queens you are.