How should I take my extracts?

The beautiful thing about liquid extracts is how easy they are to use - no stirring to dissolve powder, no taste of dirt, no grittiness in the mouth and no gluggy sludge in the bottom of the cup.

Simply empty a dropper of liquid extract into your favourite drink: coffee, tea, water, juice, shake, cereal, milk (hot or cold) or straight onto the tongue.

One dropper filled is pre-measured to 1ml, check the label for recommended daily dosage.  Combining different varieties together is absolutely fine and highly recommended for a broader spectrum of benefits.

When should I take each extract?

In the morning we love Cordyceps for energy, Lion's Mane for mental focus, Turkey Tail for digestions and Oyster for a daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals.

In the evening we recommend Reishi for calm and sleep assist, and Maitake for hormonal balance.  We don't recommend adding the evening extracts to coffee or anything high in caffeine before bed.

Any time of the day is ideal for Shiitake for a vitamin, mineral and amino acid power shot and Chaga for anti-ageing and immune support.

Are your products safe for children?

Our products contain very small amounts of alcohol and it's recommended children under 18 don't consume any alcohol (no matter how small the quantities)

Can I consume your products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our products contain very small amounts of alcohol and we recommend seeking advice from your medical practitioner prior to consuming any products containing alcohol.

Are the extracts stable in hot drinks?

Absolutely!  There is actually nothing better than extracts in a fresh long black or iced coffee… it actually makes the coffee so smooth!

Will your products interfere with my prescription medication?

While our mushroom liquid extracts are plant based and only contain 3 high quality, organic ingredients (mushrooms, water and alcohol) we recommend seeking advice from your medical practitioner in relation to compatibility with prescription or other medications.

Can I take more than one extract at the same time?

Yes, we encourage combining several varieties for a broader spectrum of benefits.  Half the fun is trying different things to see which combination works best for you.

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens (or adaptogenic herbs) refer to plants or fungi that can help the human body adapt to stress, whether it’s physical or psychological. Originating from herbalists, traditional medicine and Ayurvedic traditions, adaptogens work to restore balance in the body.  As the name suggests, they help us adapt, protect and maintain our body's homeostatic condition.

Mushrooms are one of the richest natural sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides (beta-glucans) of the plant world. These compounds have been shown to possess a multitude of adaptogenic properties that support immunity, cell health and overall vitality.

What are the benefits of consuming liquid extracts over mushroom powder?

  • More concentrated (less volume required)
  • Higher yields of compounds in final product
  • Very low risk of microbial contaminants or toxins in final product
  • Easier to take

Liquid extracts are made using a dual extraction process where the mushroom is combined with water and alcohol whereas powders are dehydrated and pulverised mushrooms. The dual extraction ensures that both water soluble compounds (polysaccharides and beta-glucans) and alcohol soluble compounds (antioxidants - compounds that help neutralize free radicals to protect cells) are present in the final product and bioavailable for the body to easily absorb.

Beta-Glucans can be up to 15 times more concentrated in liquid extracts when compared to powders. This is due to the long cooking process of the extracts, which cause the beta-glucans to separate from the cellular matrix and are therefore easier for the body to absorb.

Extracts can also be safer to take than powders since many microbial contaminants, toxins or residues that may be present in the growing substrate are typically eliminated and/or destroyed during processing.

Research conducted by various international research institutes and universities, is a good source of reference for further information https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

How much alcohol is contained in your mushroom extracts?

2ml of extract = 0.6ml of alcohol. This is the equivalent of drinking 12ml of a standard 5% alcoholic beverage. While the residual alcohol in the extract is very small, we understand some people are required to provide breath analysis for work purposes and/or need to operate machinery.  Below are some reference tools to help provide calculations for the purpose of a breathalyser test.

- The lowest concentration detectable by a breathalyser is 0.01


The body will typically metabolise 0.01 BAC per hour, which is roughly one standard drink per hour


- 30ml shot/nip of spirits (vodka, rum, tequila) (40%) is about one standard drink


So, if you have 30ml of a beverage that is 40% alcohol, you will get a reading of 0.01 which the body is likely to clear out in one hour.

Our extracts are 30% - 35% alcohol, so you would have to consume about 1/3 of the bottle to get the same reading.  Our recommended daily dose is 2-3ml per day.

How do I store my extracts and what is the shelf life?

Our extracts have a shelf life of ~18 months but we recommend consuming within 3 months of opening.  Extracts can be stored at a stable room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Which mushroom varieties are Australian grown?

Our Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms are grown in Australia.

Our Cordyceps, Maitake and Chaga are imported from USA where the growing conditions are suited to these varieties.