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2019 Netflix Production - Fantastic Fungi

Joe Rogan and Paul Stamets talk about Lion's Mane Mushroom! - YouTube

Joe Rogan Podcast with Paul Stamets on mycology

Chaga - From Folk Medicine to Clinical Use

Cordyceps - Exercise Endurance 

Shiitake - Anti-viral, Anti-cancer, Anti-oxidant effects

Reishi - Immune restoration and complementary cancer treatment

Lions Mane - Neuro Health benefits

Lions Mane

Maitake - Complementary Cancer aid & Anti-diabetic effects

Maitake - MD Fraction

Turkey Tail - Gut health

Oyster & Shiitake Mushrooms - Anti-viral, anti-oxidant effects

Medicinal Mushrooms - Gut Health: A critical review



Medicinal Mushroom liquid extract in museli